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Here is a list of questions that we frequently get asked. Please read these as they might answer some questions that you might have later in the ski season. If your questions are not answered, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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KSC President

Q: Does the KSC provide any equipment for my children to ski with?

A: No, KSC does not provide anything pertaining to the ski lessons. Your child will need to show up in the appropriate winter clothing, including good gloves that are waterproof, a helmet (recommended) or hat, googles, snow pants, heavy winter coat, skis, boots to match the skis, and poles if the instructor deems them necessary.

Q: Does the KSC provide any lift tickets or season passes?

A: The KSC does not provide students with passes. The parent is responsible for purchasing a season pass or lift tickets each weekend. A season pass is highly recommended as it is the cheaper option if you plan on attending every lesson. We do however provide lift tickets to our volunteers for helping. If that is something you’re interested in, please contact us.

Q: When are class rosters and lists created and sent out?

A: Class rosters are finalized at the end of December and sent out the first week of January. Please watch your email for the roster. If you haven’t received it, all instructors have a copy of it the first two weeks of lessons as well as the directors or you can email us prior to get a copy. 

Q: Where is a good place to find used gear?

A: Every year we do a ski swap at the fairgrounds where there is tons of new and used gear. It is the first weekend of October. Also there are several places around the valley to get used gear. Replay sports on reserve sells used gear. Sportsman’s Ski Haus in Kalispell also sells used gear or does trade in programs for children. Runner up sports in Whitefish also is a good place to look.

Q: Can I move my child up or down a level myself?

A: Parents are not allowed to move their child up or down in class number. If you feel your child needs to be moved, please talk to the lead instructor of your child’s class. They will discuss it with you and try and promote the best choice for the student’s success.

Q: We signed up and then never went to lessons. Can we have a refund?

A: When you signed up you were signing up to be part of the KSC. The dues we charge are for maintaining the club and to help promote teaching. The lessons are free lessons for every child 6 to 14 years old. 

Q: Do I have to be there to pick up my child at the end of lessons?

A: Yes, all students must be picked up from the number and released from a KSC instructor. This is for the student’s safety and accountability. Please be at the number on time, a lot of our instructors have children in classes as well and need to pick up their own children.

Q: Do I need to notify anyone if I am going to be gone one weekend?

A: It would be great to give your instructor a heads up prior to being gone but is not necessary.

Q: Do I need to complete ALL the ski lessons?

A: As much as we would like to see every student complete every lesson, you do not need to attend every lesson. We know that many things start up in the spring that take up the same time as skiing. With that in mind though if your student misses multiple weeks and wants to come back, the group may have learned some critical skills while they were gone to make it hard for them to slip right back in.

Q: Are there ways I can help and volunteer outside of skiing? 

A: Yes, we have several functions each year where we need help setting up or running them. If you would like to help us, please contact us to learn how. 

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