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What are the different levels of skiing?

Level 1: Skier will learn to:  Straight run and the gilding wedge (snowplow).  Will quickly become a level 2 skier.

Level 2:  Has attained Level 1 skills; skier will to: Ride the easier lifts.  Change direction in a wedge (snowplow), and link turns together on the easiest groomed beginner runs.  Steer their wedge turns out of the fall line (straight down) for speed control.  Develop ability to control speed through turn shape.  Ski in a line, keep distance between each other and stop safely.

Level 3:  Has attained Level 2 skills; skier will learn to:  Adjust the size of their wedge and steer skis for turn shape and speed control on beginner terrain.  Matches (parallel) their skies at the end of the turn and traverse with skis mostly matched.  Ski with control.

 Level 4:  Has attained Level 3 skills; skier will learn to:  Link wedge Christie (skidding) turns with matching in the fall line on groomed green (beginner) and easiest blue (intermediate) runs.  Ski from the top of the mountain.  Apply size of wedge opening to different situations.  Make judgments in speed and turn shape.  Skid on corresponding edges and steer both skis for turn shape and speed control.

 Level 5:  Has attained Level 4 skills; skier will learn to:  Link wedge Christie turns with longer parallel portions of the turn on green and easy blue slopes.  Focus on outside ski to develop turn shape and inside ski to understand matching.  Steer skis simultaneously to control speed with turn shape.  Link turns with speed control in easier bumps and ungroomed snow.  Ski blue runs at moderate speeds.

 Level 6:  Has attained Level 5 skills; skier will learn to:  Link and control turns that are parallel start to finish, on green and blue slopes.  Swing ski poles forward in rhythm with linked turns.  Make choices on where to ski and what type of turn to make on blue runs.  Adjust turn shape, speed, and tactic on easier ungroomed runs and in light powder.  Freely cruise on all groomed runs with a smile.

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