Welcome to the Kalispell Ski Club webpage.  The Kalispell Ski Club has been teaching the youth of Flathead Valley to ski for fifty years. The Kalispell Ski Club provides at no charge to current members ski lessons to youth 6-14 years old. Kalispell Ski Club is a nonprofit club and all our staff is volunteers. Ski Instructors are required to stay current with established teaching techniques by taking special instructor clinics provided by certified ski instructors from Whitefish Mountain Resort. Through the years thousands of youth have learned to ski through Kalispell Ski Club lessons. Many of the youth have gone on to be junior instructors, certified ski instructors, parents with youth of their own in lessons and grandparents who were in the Kalispell Ski Club are watching their grandchildren go through the free Learn 2 Ski lessons provided by the Kalispell Ski Club.

The Kalispell Ski Club is dedicated to make skiing affordable for the youth. To help keep cost as low as possible every October the Kalispell Ski Club hosts an annual Ski Sale swap event so as your youth get bigger you can purchase proper sized equipment and sell your outgrown equipment to the next generation of skiers.

Kalispell Ski Club has no paid affiliation with
Whitefish Mountain Resort yet the ski club is very thankful that they have allowed the ski club to provide Learn to Ski lessons at the resort. The Kalispell Ski Club trains the youth today and in the future those students will ski and continue lessons at Whitefish Mountain. This is a Win-Win situation for Whitefish Mountain Resort and the Kalispell Ski Club members.

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